The ASUS GenBook Reviews

What is often missing from the ASUS GenBook Reviews is the fact that people do not show or discuss how the product feels. They only look at the way they look and perform the way they perform. Assuming that I have Zenbook, I have been allowed to tell you how this machine really feels in your hands before buying it online.

UX 31 UX 21 Thickness

Although a model is 11 inches and the other is 13 inches, but they are basically the same thin. There is only one big panel in one. ASUS GenBook has a waze design and style, which is thin in thickness and thin thinness towards the back. It is very pleasant with the view, but it also makes it difficult to open your display screen. You really should pay attention and “peel” to open the ultra-book. You need to jam your fingers in it. This can not be a big deal, but it is a minor discomfiture that you want to keep in mind.

Asus Zenbook.jpg

ASUS GenBook Publishing

Both UX 21 and UX 31 are made using almost entirely anodized aluminum, which looks very solid and cool in your hands. Aluminum is very good because not only is it strong and light, it is also fingerprint proof. One thing that I hate most, fingerprint is everywhere on my gadgets, but there is no problem in it. There is no one to attract fingerprints outside GenBook.

GenBook Keyboard

When I basically saw the all-aluminum keyboard on ZenBook, I thought it could be very slippery to type easily. However, after using it some time, I am able to tell that it really feels great. Not really slippery as I thought it would be. Obviously not the most enjoyable keyboard in the world, though for an ultra-book, very good is good. You do not have to worry about bad ergonomics here.

GenBook Weight

2.4 LB or 2.9 LB weight, which size (11 inches vs. 13 inch) weighs on the basis, it is a relatively lightweight device. Surely the light does not have as much light, but there is enough light so that you can hold it easily with two fingers. In my opinion, some people might be stopped by the fact that it is not as light as it looks, though I think that weight gives this ultra book a very good and solid touch. It sounds as if you are taking something important in your hands.

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