Asus GenBook UX31

Asus GenBook UX31 is considered one of the first laptops to suit Intel’s Ultrabook specification. Recently this product has been launched recently and it is competing on markets which dominate the market. This product certainly provides another tough competition to the Apple MacBook Air in the best luxury ultra portable title division.

Asus did an excellent job with this kid’s design. However, at a glance, you look smart on the design of Apple MacBook Air. This wedge size laptop measures an amazing 3mm solution on its thickness of 17 mm and its thin. And have we just mentioned that this laptop has a sleek design?

This laptop has a distinctive focused circle design made of aluminum silver lid. This lid really captures and mirrors the surrounding light, which looks premium when raising the lid every time.


This grand design comes standard with SSD and 1600 x 900 display. This boost can give you enough space to scroll through those web pages and documents. UX 31 will surprise you how crisp movie playback can be with it. Angle viewing in this laptop is just impressive.

It is essentially primarily due to its design compared to MacBook Air. But the details of making each tick of each product surely make the difference.

When you open the lid, you will see that the metal keyboard key is carefully prepared. You might think that the keyboard looks as strong and it is a good thing that is not right under those fingers. As soon as you type your way through the keys, it gives you a very low-pitched sound which gives you an estimate of its quality. However a strike on UX 31 is that the keyboard is not backlit. This can not be a big deal for many people, but people thinking about getting the MacBook Air will take a lead in this area.

Laptop battery life is one of the things we always want to consider. UX31 will not fail you in that department. This product can keep up to five hours and 41 minutes before charging again. This is another area where UX31 matches, if not beats, MacBook Air. But you will be surprised to find long battery life which is only seven hours with light use.

Like the MacBook Air, the UX 31 pack packs with its SATA III drive with 1.7 GHz Core i5 processor, 4 GB RAM and 128 GB solid state storage. But UX 31 has mini-HDMI and mini-VGA while the Air has Thunderbolt port. Asus Zenbook UX31 is essentially a tough product to defeat other people like Lenovo and Toshiba. And it will be given to those people who are thinking about deciding hard times for air.

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