HP touch screen laptop, 2 TB HDD, Windows 10

HP touch screen laptop, 2 TB HDD, Windows 10

HP touch screen laptop has all the eye tilt with its superb design. It is a major laptop PC produced in 2018. It has 8 GB RAM and 2 TB hard drives. The laptop is full of so many gifts; However, this is very cheap. This is a perfect student laptop. The laptop got speed and top-performance performance. It is very reliable and trustworthy. This is an example of functionality and affordability. The design of the laptop is similar to the HP Pavilion.

Asus Zenbook

The screen is very wide with 15.6 inch screen size. It has Intel Core i5 – 7200U processor and Intel HD graphics 620 graphics processor. The CPU belongs to the 7th Gen Processor family. With the speed of 2.50 GHz processor, this reliability is all the way. The laptop effectively handles every regular computing task. Expect superb performance even if you produce some hardware-working things like video and music. It is a laptop PC that organizes multi-functionality without slowing down. It comes with 1366 x 768 resolution. The screen display is bright and fast. The model number is HP 15-BS 0 95 MMS.

key features

  • Intel Core i5 – 7200U Processor
  • Intel HD Graphics 620
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 2 terabyte hard drive
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • 6 hours of battery life
  • 6 inch HD touch screen
  • Processor speed (1.6GHz, up to 2.56GHz)
  • Front-facing VGA webcam with integrated digital microphone
  • backlit keyboard
  • Speed ​​of 5400 rpm hard drive
  • Dvd writer

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