Juniper Bonsai Green Mound – Large -(Outdoor) – Tree

Juniper Bonsai Green Mound

Juniper bonsai is not a flower plant. But, keeping it is so easy. It is a plant that is native to China. Many people love this plant because it is a low growing bonsai tree. Its leaves are green and green if it is well cared for.

It is easily adaptable to indoor conditions. It is a slow growing plant, but its longevity. This is a bonsai tree which is suitable for beginners. This is a difficult plant which requires some cold weather to be healthy. It is an excellent plant for both indoor and outdoor beauty.

Junior Bonsai climate conditions

It is a deciduous tree requiring changes in the same temperature, whether during heat, fall or spring. To properly plant the plant, it will need some level of humidity which is between 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The plant should be inside the house during winter This is its inactivity period. This is a significant period for the plant. Without this inactivity period, plants may be unhealthy and suffer from diseases. This is the period of reduction of utensils and soil.

Juniper bonsai

Let the tree rest on the wall to prevent the wind from getting disturbed. Outdoors can be very weak for extreme cold weather. In this way, it should be kept in the shed or garage after contact with the sun. It needs sunlight and natural rain water. It requires 6 to 7 hours of sunlight directly in the day. Take it in a shady area in the afternoon. The plant can be kept at home at least once a month.


Junior bonsai needs water when you see that the top of the soil is dry. You can use water with a spray nozzle or hose. During the summer you need to water the plant every day. During the winter the plant needs less water.

sorting out

Juniper has a development pattern in Bonsai. It usually has long and flowing branches. The plant repairs and gives good answer for the stars. The plant requires major layoffs which should be done during spring or fall. Do not breed during the summer. On the other hand, maintenance is allowed in all seasons and should be regular.

To allow the development of new leaves, just remove the new soft shoots with your fingers. It is important to snatch all the unwanted branches when you are potting again. If you use scissors then it becomes brown. The cut should be in cascade or semi-cascade style so that the plants can maintain their small size.


Juniper bonsai tree can live in the same soil for years. It loses its nutrients that it gets from the soil during this long period. The nutritious supplement for the soil is very important in order to be healthy in the tree. Organic fertilizer is highly recommended. Apply the right amount. Do not take the plant in excess quantity.


Juniper Bonsai needs the sunlight of shaded sunlight. It requires sun in the morning and needs to return to shade in the afternoon. Avoid harsh sunlight exposing. Allow it to receive direct sunlight for at least 3 hours in a day.

Re: potting

Junior bonsai should be re-opted at least every 3 to 5 years. If you have got the plant now, you have to wait a year before potting it again. Using bonsai soil is very important. This is because it makes the water easier to remove. It also prevents the plant from rotating the roots. If you want to live the plant, avoid using regular clay. Use the wire to bind the plant together. Use a pair of pliers to tighten the wire around the branches.


Junior Bonsai is an impressive plant to beautify your environment. It requires less maintenance.

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